Penthouse One Bedroom Apartment

This is an upgraded apartment, designed to offer maximum elegance and comfort. It is decorated in floral patterns and rich hues of blues blended with greens, creating a luxurious and cosy atmosphere. It offers a fully equipped kitchen with electrical appliances, espresso machine, toaster, kettle, oven, microwave oven and a washing machine. It has access to a private jacuzzi and a private outdoor lounge area that offers wonderful sea and mountain views.

Blue Sea – One Bedroom Apartment

This one bedroom apartment is inspired by the deep blue colour of the sea, offering the tranquillity and the serenity of the sea.

Bougainvillea – One bedroom apartment

This beautiful plant is met in many gardens throughout the Mediterranean. The vibrant colours of its flowers make it so popular. This one bedroom apartment is decorated in the shades of pink and purple.

Olive grove – One bedroom apartment

The olive tree is one of the most beloved, sacred trees for the Greeks throughout history. If you wander around in the area, you will soon realise that the fields are full of olive groves. 

Sandy Beach – One bedroom apartment

Beach, holidays and lots of sunshine-that’s what we all dream about! This one bedroom apartment is decorated in turquoise, sand colour and white splashes, creating a very relaxing atmosphere.


Sunshine – Double Studio

Think of summer holidays. Feel the beneficial effects of the sun in a place like Stoupa where the sun shines bright throughout the year. This studio is decorated in vivid yellows and warm golds, creating a stimulating atmosphere.

Secret Garden - Double Studio

You will find this studio on the side of the garden away from the main complex of the apartments. As if it is hidden, the secret garden studio is literally part of the garden. You open the door or the windows and you are right next to the trees and the flowers. It is decorated in a light, soothing green colour following the natural surroundings.